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Illustration of tongue position for sound "x" ('soft x' sound)

Consonant “x” (soft x)

Video courtesy of UBC Linguistics Dept., used with permission. Examples xálh – road, path   xá:ysem – ant   skwíx – name   Audio: Elizabeth Herrling, Elizabeth Phillips Pronunciation The Halq’eméylem “x” (the ‘soft x’) sounds a lot like the “sh” sound—but “x” is made quite differently. For “x” the tongue touches the roof of […]

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Illustration of tongue position for sound "sh"

Consonant “sh”

  Video courtesy UBC linguistics department, used with permission Pronunciation The Halq’eméylem “sh” sound is easy to say:  it’s the same as the “sh” sound in English words like ship or shape. You make the sound like this: Tongue touches the top front of the mouth (near the little fleshy bump behind your upper teeth, but a […]

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