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Consonant “sh”


Video courtesy UBC linguistics department, used with permission


The Halq’eméylem “sh” sound is easy to say:  it’s the same as the “sh” sound in English words like ship or shape.

Illustration of tongue position for sound "sh"

Tongue position for sound “sh”

You make the sound like this:

  • Tongue touches the top front of the mouth (near the little fleshy bump behind your upper teeth, but a bit back from there).
  • The airflow is heavy, with lots of friction.


The “sh” sound occurs in many Halq’eméylem words, but you may notice that it is always before one other particular sound: “xw” (the rounded soft-x).

For example:

  • shxwyémtelbelt
  • shxwpí:pewelsfreezer
  • shxwemlí:kwuncle, aunt (includes parent’s cousins)

Surprisingly, there are no native Halq’eméylem words with “sh” before any other sound—though there is one borrowing, shúkwe; – sugar.

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