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illustration for 'day'


This is the Halq’eméylem word for ‘day’, and it also means ‘sky’. You will often use it when talking about the weather, or talking about how your day is going …

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Illustration of tongue position for sound "x" ('soft x' sound)

Consonant “x” (soft x)

Video courtesy of UBC Linguistics Dept., used with permission. Examples xálh – road, path   xá:ysem – ant   skwíx – name   Audio: Elizabeth Herrling, Elizabeth Phillips Pronunciation The Halq’eméylem “x” (the ‘soft x’) sounds a lot like the “sh” sound—but “x” is made quite differently. For “x” the tongue touches the roof of […]

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Illustration of tongue position for sound "sh"

Consonant “sh”

  Video courtesy UBC linguistics department, used with permission Pronunciation The Halq’eméylem “sh” sound is easy to say:  it’s the same as the “sh” sound in English words like ship or shape. You make the sound like this: Tongue touches the top front of the mouth (near the little fleshy bump behind your upper teeth, but a […]

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Welcome to Stó:lō Shxwelí

Welcome to, where we present daily updates of language from the Elders of the Stó:lō Shxweli Halq’emeylem Language Program,  selected from materials housed in the Stó:lō Nation archives. This material is available to members only.

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