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illustration of torchlighting

Lex̲éywa means ‘to torchlight’. It refers to a traditional way of fishing at night, where you use a fire in a special container in your canoe to lure and stun the fish.


Lex̲éywa sounds like luck-EH-wah, except that the instead of ck you say the Halq’eméylem hard-x sound (). To make the hard-x (), you touch the back of your tongue to your uvula (more info on is here).

Audio: Elizabeth Herrling, Elizabeth Phillips

Some Elders say this word slightly differently, like this: lex̲íwa (sounds like luck-EE-wah). Both forms are ‘correct’.

-ing form

Lex̲éywa has a special ‘-ing‘ form , to describe an ongoing action, like this: halx̲éywatorchlighting (audio here).

Elders make this type of –ing form by adding an prefix ha- (in this case, the they also drop another vowel, e).

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  1. Laura Wealick September 13, 2015 at 7:48 am #

    Ey swayel Strang, the site is looking great, just wondering if it is possible to change the ‘Howdy’ up top with Kweleches-greeting or ey swayel good day? Also can you change my ‘logged in as Laura Wealick’ to Lumlamelut?

    • Stolo Shxweli September 14, 2015 at 3:02 pm #

      Oh, a’a. Ewe tset cowboys, etl’! It might actually be a bit tricky, but I’ll work on that!

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